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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hey friends! We survived week 1 of quarantine, and boy was it rough! Although I am extremely grateful my company is letting me work from home, even with a toddler at home who is out of daycare, it has been difficult attempting to work from home with a 2-year old running around. My husband was home a few days last week, but goes back to work today, so I'll be single-handedly wrangling this 2-year old while also trying to navigate conference calls, triaging emails and tackling my To Do List.  

This week is sure to be full of snacks and lots of screen time, but I have also been looking for activities to keep him busy, especially when I am on conference calls. I shared a few activities in my St Patrick's Day post, but today I wanted to share a fun subscription box that has been saving us this last week.

Enter the Koala Crate by Kiwi Co. It's a monthly box that provides a STEM based learning toy that is created specifically for your child's age. The Koala Crate is for ages 2-4, but they have boxes for ages 0 - 104 (although I personally thing the best age to start is 12-15 months).

Each crate includes:
  • -- Developmentally appropriate activity (based on age)
  • -- Booklet explaining a few ways to play the activity
  • -- Discover magazine with helpful info and a guide to additional online resources
  • -- Bonus board book

Your subscription also includes the following online resources:
  • -- Recommended books you can purchase on Amazon that go along with the monthly theme
  • -- Recommended articles with developmental tips
  • -- Printables for more games that you can use with the balls from the box

Please also check out my YouTube video where I preview a few of the crates that we have gotten over the last year, including Matthew's first crate from a year ago, as well as a few recent crates.

If you are interested in trying a Kiwi Co crate, I have a $10 discount code off your first box. If you try it out, please come back and let me know what you think.

And here is a throw back to exactly 1-year ago when Matthew received his fist subscription box. I still can't believe he was that little (and so much easier to he is constantly on the move!)

If you have tried other toddler subscription boxes, I would love to hear your experience and which ones you like.

A few other toddler subscription boxes I have been looking into include:

Highlights - I had a magazine subscription as a child :)

Loverly - Montessori-Based boxes - I have seen a few people post about these on IG

Literati - a book club subscription

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